Jun 18, 2016

Aircraft Parts and Debris Found Near the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001

Piece of fuselage from AA11
Fuselage from AA11

Airplane seat cushion. 

Wheel from Flight AA11 embedded in column panel on the street south of WTC1.

Piece of landing gear from UA 175. 



  1. They claim have found the passports and license of the hijackers from the debris, but not the blackboxes of the plains, How convenient is that?

  2. And plenty of other personal property from the planes, but you people either ignore or overlook that for your conspiracy fairy tale. You want "convenience?" The phone calls from the planes and footage of the planes crashing into the towers serve as reasonable substitutes.

  3. Sorry, cell phone didn't work in airplanes back in 2001 ,,, even Ted Olson has copped out!!